Side and Curtain Airbags

TRW has developed a wide range of side impact airbag configurations to help improve occupant protection in side impacts.

Thorax-Pelvic Single Chamber Concept

This solution incorporates a pyro inflator, an airbag with coated fabric, and bag volumes of around 13 to 16 liters. Located within the seat frame, this concept aims to help protect the complete torso area, including thorax, abdomen and pelvis of the occupant.

Thorax-Pelvic Dual Chamber System

Similar in shape to the single chamber concept, this module uses TRW’s SPI pyro inflator technology and is installed in the seat frame or seat back cushion. Two different chambers are configured to interact with the thorax and pelvic regions of the occupant, and different pressure levels can be achieved using a separation membrane integrated into the airbag.

Side Head Airbag Center Module Concept

This unit is based on TRW’s SHI2 inflator technology. The performance of these warm gas inflators is scalable, and gas distribution can be easily adjusted between the curtain airbag’s front and rear chambers. The system can be tailored to meet global restraint system performance requirements and is easily adapted to different platforms. Modular design flexibility leads to the use of uncoated, silicone-coated or completely sealed bags depending on the application. This system combines effective restraint performance with low module weight and reduced packaging thanks to SHI2 inflator technology and TRW's innovative bag design.

Head Protection for Convertibles

Occupant protection for convertibles utilizes separate airbag safety systems for head and torso protection. Use of two systems provides the option of individual tuning of the restraint performance in the different protection zones. The convertible vehicle module is an alternative to the standard head / thorax bags.