Integrated Brake Control

ZF TRW’s latest innovation in braking is its Integrated Brake Control (IBC) system - a vacuum independent technology which can simplify the brake system while enhancing performance.

The IBC replaces – in a single integrated unit – the electronic stability control (ESC) system along with the vacuum booster and the associated cables, sensors, switches, electronic controllers, and vacuum pumps where they are required for low or no vacuum configurations. Within the IBC, a precision ball-screw actuator is driven by an extremely fast-acting brushless electric motor. This motor gives the system its superior braking performance and ESC capability, and can make a considerable difference when combined with driver assist systems such as radar and camera to enable features such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

Such functions are becoming increasingly important – in particular with more stringent future Euro NCAP requirements for 5 star ratings and increased requirements for ‘Top Safety Picks’ in the U.S. IBC also offers considerable packaging and weight savings compared with current ESC systems – weighing just 3.8 kg in contrast with 7 kg for a conventional component set.

For hybrid vehicles, which may require an electric vacuum pump, the saving is an additional 3 kg.