Drum Brakes/ Drum in Hat Park Brakes

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes remain the technology of choice for value-driven vehicles, and ZF TRW offers a wide variety of configurations to address customer needs. With park brake functionality integrated into the service brake, the drum brake is one of the most cost-effective rear brake systems available. ZF TRW continues to provide quality drum brakes for a wide array of vehicle platforms, from small passenger cars to light-duty trucks. ZF TRW offers a selection of drum brakes comprising a simplex-brake with automatic adjuster.

ZF TRW drum brakes offer the following features:

  • Lightweight or conventional designs
  • Aluminum or cast iron wheel cylinders
  • Steel or aluminum back plates
  • Brake sizes from 180mm x 25mm to 295mm x 60mm
  • Wheel cylinder diameter sizes from 16mm to 32mm (5/8" to 1-1/4")
  • Gland seal designs to ensure greater piston engagement as linings wear
  • Available in Leading-Trailing and Dual Mode designs
  • Incremental and one-shot adjuster designs
  • Blind cable option as well as over-the-axle external cable attachment designs


Drum in Hat Park Brakes

ZF TRW's Drum in Hat (DIH) park brakes are intended for larger, four-wheel disc-brake vehicles. Service braking is accomplished by the rear caliper while the DIH park brake provides improved park brake functionality. The mounting for the caliper can be incorporated into the DIH adaptor when the opportunity exists. With sizes available for a wide variety of applications, ZF TRW's DIH park brake applications are available for passenger car and light- to heavy-duty truck segments.

ZF TRW Drum-in-Hat park brakes offer the following features:

  • Available in various sizes: 172mm x 22mm to 242mm x 62mm
  • Mounting/guiding - integrated rails for RPS, bosses for Colette designs
  • Flexibility for a variety of cable attachment designs
  • High brake factor duo-servo geometry
  • Integrated rotor splash shield
  • Applications from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks up to 8,800kgs (19,500lbs) Gross Vehicle Weight